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The Internet has changed the way your company does business. Instant connections with customers, employees and suppliers enable seamless communications. You can take calls, process transactions, access productivity applications and even host video meetings on the Internet.

So Why Doesn’t Your Internet Fax Work?

The traditional analog line is expensive and is limited to receiving faxes only when you are in the office. A VoIP fax line is also limited to receiving faxes where the fax machine resides. The technology leverages a technical standard called T.38 that was designed to replace the expensive analog POTS line. Despite this standard, Internet jitter, packet loss and sync issues cause many Internet faxes to fail. As a result, even digital-savvy companies have gone back to analog phone lines for faxing.

If you want to leverage your fax devices and the benefits of hosted fax services, check out Flex Internet Fax-to-Fax.

We deliver the best of both worlds…. The ability to use a fax device leveraging TLS encryption and a simple appliance and the benefits of hosted faxing you expect.

Internet Fax Machine

Our Reliable Internet Fax-to-Fax Solution

Instead of trying to make T.38 work, we take it out of the equation altogether. We deliver a reliable Internet Fax solution using TLS encryption and a simple appliance between your fax machine and our cloud data center. Our unique Internet Fax-to-Fax solution is not affected by jitter or packet loss and works perfectly even over the poorest Internet connections, including Wi-Fi and satellite. In fact, our success rate for fax delivery is even higher than over analog lines.

Internet Fax Appliance Solution

How Internet Fax-to-Fax Works

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Using proprietary software, we transform an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) into a local fax machine.

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We place the Fax ATA on your premises between your fax machine and a secure internet connection to our cloud data center.

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Our Fax ATA accepts, encrypts and compresses the fax data locally and transmits it to our data center where smart routing delivers the fax to its destination.

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Delivery confirmation is sent to you via email and/or fax machine.

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Incoming faxes are received at our data center, sent securely to your Fax ATA and then delivered to your fax machine or email address.

How Internet Fax to Fax Works Diagram

Fax-to-Fax Benefits


Keep Your Fax Machine

With our service, there’s no need to buy new fax machines or create electronic fax accounts for all users on your team. It’s business as usual.


Never Miss a Fax

If your fax machine or Fax ATA is offline, faxes queue until they’re back online, so senders never get a busy signal and you never miss a fax.


Replacement Warranty

Our plug-and-play Fax ATA works out of the box. If the appliance stops working during your first year of service, we’ll replace it – free.


No Retraining

Since you keep your fax machine, you don’t need to train your staff to use a new device or electronic fax application.


Always Secure

We encrypt all outgoing and incoming faxes, so you don’t need to worry about transmitting sensitive information.


Eliminate Analog Lines

Make the final switch to IP communications by canceling analog lines you no longer need to connect to your fax machines, and receive one telecom bill.

Use Cases for Internet Fax-to-Fax

Data Privacy Compliance

Internet Fax-to-Fax is a way to securely transmit personal information in the Medical, Financial, Legal, Education and Government industries.

High-volume Faxing

If your company send and receives large numbers of fax communications via fax machine from customers or suppliers, Internet Fax-to-Fax is for you.

Going Digital

Are you making the transition from analog lines to a cloud phone system? Now, you can cut ties with your analog lines altogether. 

Flex Email-to-Fax

Turn Your Email into a Virtual Fax Machine

Flex Add-on Callout

Introducing an Easier Way to Fax Via Email

Your team relies on email to interact with colleagues, customers and suppliers every day. It only makes sense to leverage email as a hub for other non-real-time business communications like faxing. Now you can, with FlexIP Solutions’ Flex Email-to-Fax services.

Benefits of Flex Email-to-Fax


No New Software Needed

There’s no need to install additional software. Send faxes directly from your existing email client via our cloud-based service.


Unlimited Outbound Users

Enable email addresses of select users of your entire staff with email-to-fax functionality at no additional charge.


Secure Encrypted Transmission

Faxes are transmitted via a data line Transport Layer Security (TLS), so they’re encrypted to protect private information.

Flex Email-to-Fax Features

Send from any email client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Mail

Improve success with auto retry over multiple route options

Send a simple note or attach up to three files

Receive a detailed fax confirmation via email

Attach most popular file formats like .doc, .pdf, .xls, .jpg and more

Access real-time reports via a Web portal

Use Cases for Flex Email-to-Fax

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Productivity & Convenience

Enable staff to fax from their desks quickly and conveniently without going to a central fax machine.

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Enable Faxing for Remote Workers

If your employees need to work remotely, they will still be capable of sending faxes.

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Smooth Office Relocation

Since your fax number is tied to our ATA, you can take it with you if you move – no porting required.

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