Never Miss a Customer Service or Sales Call Again!

Flex Auto Attendant is Your Always-on Digital Receptionist.

Handling customer inquiries professionally and consistently can make the difference between a satisfied customer or an unhappy one. Flex Auto Attendant solution helps you streamline interactions with customers, so they get what they called for quickly and efficiently.

Flex Auto Attendant simulates a live operator by directing incoming callers to the right department, employee or voice mailbox. And unlike a live operator, your professional digital receptionist doesn’t get sick, have a bad day or accidentally disconnect customers.

Handle every customer inquiry like a pro.

Flex Auto Attendant Benefits



Auto Attendant is 100-percent reliable, ensuring that calls are answered promptly and routed correctly.



Your personalized greeting and menu options reinforce corporate branding and elevate professionalism.



Employees answer and transfer fewer calls unrelated to their work, handling more customer calls in less time.



Menu-driven call routing puts callers in control and streamlines their journey, improving customer satisfaction.



Auto Attendant eliminates the need to pay a full-time receptionist or reassign other employees to fill in when needed.


No More Spam

Robocalling applications can’t follow push-button directions to connect to departments or extensions, reducing spam calls.

Flex Auto Attendant Features

Flex Auto Attendant solution is available in Standard and Premium options. Both are simple to setup and manage from your computer via our CommPortal.

Standard Attendant

The Standard option is bundled with our Flex PBX and Flex UC solutions and can scale to any size or capacity. Like a live operator, our Standard Attendant directs incoming callers to the appropriate department or employee, ensuring your customers’ calls will be handled effectively.

Give callers the option to use their telephone keypad to:

  • Get hours and directions
  • Dial by name or extension
  • Transfer to general voicemail
  • Zero out to operator
  • Transfer to specific departments such as sales, support and billing
  • Transfer to third-party numbers (e.g. an outsourced help desk)
  • Listen to after-hours greetings and other announcements when representatives are away

Premium Attendant

The Premium option includes all features of the Standard Attendant plus additional customization capabilities that can be managed through your phone or our web-based CommPortal, including:

  • Multilevel Menus
    Allow callers to select from a list of options with 150 customizable multilevel menus that offer intuitive, consistent navigation of even the largest organizations.
  • Customized & Preset Holiday Scheduling
    In advance or on demand, you can record different announcements and create separate menus for work hours, off hours, weekends and holidays.

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