Flex FAX

It’s About Time You Broke Up with Your Old Fax Machine

Flex Fax is a better way to securely send and receive fax documents.

Stationary fax machines are a thing of the past. Today, you need a faxing solution that’s more flexible – one that can meet the demands of an increasingly mobile, all-digital world. Our Flex Fax solution is the answer. Flex Fax delivers the functionality you expect from traditional fax machines plus the flexibility, cost advantages and advance capabilities of a modern cloud service.

Simply put, it’s not your grandfather’s fax machine!

No Boxes. No Bundles.

No Excuses.

FlexIP Delivers Managed Communications Customized for Your Business and Optimized for Performance.

Flex Fax Benefits


Boost Information Security

Prevent data loss and privacy breaches by securely routing fax to intended recipients.

Eliminate Lost Faxes

No more trips to the fax machine only to return emptyhanded because a co-worker picked up your fax.

Fax on the Go

Send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device – laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Speed Response Times

Automatically route incoming fax documents to the right departments or individuals for immediate action.

Keep Your Fax Numbers

If you’ve got published fax numbers, you can port them to the new service, add more numbers or start fresh.


Track Chain of Custody

Get a complete audit trail for incoming faxes, including recipient, arrival time and contents.

Improve Workflow

Automatically route incoming fax documents to collaboration and workflow applications.

Search Fax Content

Automatically convert and store fax documents in PDF format for full-text search and retrieval.

Enterprise-Class Flex Fax Features

Inbound and outbound service

Support for 40+ file formats, including PDF, JPEG, DOC and GIF

Fax number porting or assignment

Secure server with SSL encryption

High-availability cloud infrastructure

Network diversity and redundancy

End-to-end quality management

Support for PCI-DSS or HIPAA

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