Telecom Recovery

Disaster can strike when you least expect it; a business continuity plan can minimize its impact. A cloud based communications recovery plan, designed in advance to automatically invoke if your PBX, PRI or power goes down makes good business sense.

Flex Telecom Recovery includes the following:

Flex IP Solutions offers additional services including:

  • (5) Call Paths (expandable automatically up to 15)
  • (5) DID #’s (expandable to as many as may be required)
  • Unlimited auto attendants
  • Unlimited hunt groups
  • Unlimited voicemail boxes


A typical legacy PBX failover plan sends the calls to backup analog lines or diverse carriers in the event of a failure, but what if power goes out, PBX experiences a failure, your current carrier services are down or you lose access to your facility?

FlexIP Solutions now offers an affordable way to maintain communications infrastructure regardless of your current telecom environment.

Answer all calls in a pre-configured cloud based auto attendant to route calls in the manner your business is accustomed to
Route calls to groups of outside numbers (cell or land line) and ring them sequentially or simultaneously
Deliver voicemail via email or text as an attached WAV file
Control all call routing online through our cloud based portal

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